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Selecting the Right MSP Compliance Service Provider

Posted on June 30, 2016 by Towermsa

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Please take a moment to read Michael Stack’s article outlining qualities needed in an MSP compliance partner. MSP compliance is complicated and penalties can be high. There are a lot of components – Section 111 reporting, Conditional Payments, medical and pharmaceutical interventions, legal interventions, and MSA preparation.

Typically these various activities are handled in silos, and time lags and errors can occur during the transfer to the next step. It’s easy to miss a data field or deadline.

Tower recognizes that Section 111, Conditional Payments, pre-MSA Triage, all interventions, and MSA preparation through CMS acceptance should occur in a continuous, unbroken process. That’s why we developed an all-inclusive MSP Automation Suite around compliance best practices. Our MSP Automation Suite drives the entire compliance process, automatically updates clients of each activity on the file, escalates medical and pharmacy issues, prompts for interventions and much more.

Claims close faster, quality and accuracy are assured and our clients enjoy smooth settlements. Click here for details or contact us at or 888-331-4941.