Physician Follow-up

This value-added service clarifies medical records, obtains the precise documentation CMS needs to approve MSAs, and saves clients hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.



Often times through Tower’s forensic claims analysis process, we discover issues that, without the proper documentation in the file, will result in higher exposure and CMS allocations. Our complimentary Physician Follow Up service helps tie up those loose ends. With the clients’ approval, the Tower team will complete the following:

  • Contact the treating physician to obtain written confirmation of specific treatment patterns.
  • Confirm the discontinuation of inappropriate medications.
  • Request transfer from brand to generic drug formulation.
  • Obtain confirmation of the last treatment date and active injury related drug regimen.

Once complete, Tower secures sufficient documentation to support the optimized allocation amount. These steps provided by Tower at no extra charge, help save our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars on their claims.

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