Pre-MSA Triage

This unique tool stages claims for optimal outcomes by assessing MSA exposure before preparing the MSA.



Projected life-time medical and pharmaceutical treatment costs on workers’ compensation claims are often unnecessarily high, and therapy frequently falls outside evidence-based medical guidelines. The Pre-MSA Triage is unique tool for payers to stage claims for optimal outcomes by assessing MSA exposure before the MSA is initiated. We provide a concise executive summary that includes the following:

  • Projected MSA cost based on current medical and pharmacy treatment regimen
  • Snapshot view of MSA exposure in a non-discoverable (not an MSA) format
  • Overview of inappropriate, unnecessary treatment and cost drivers that may impact MSA and settlement
  • Case-specific recommendations based on jurisdictional issues and opportunities
  • Action plan and next steps to optimize settlement outcomes before the MSA is prepared

The Pre-MSA Triage describes the care and cost issues and recommends interventions, such as Physician Peer Review, Clinical Oversight and Conditional Payment Searches/Negotiations to improve the quality of care and reduce overall claims costs. Clients frequently receive 30 to 50% savings from these interventions.

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Our trigger-driven Pre-MSA Triage review investigates:

  • Denied injuries and/or body parts
  • Surgical procedures that are recommended, but not pursued
  • Spinal cord stimulator recommended, never evaluated
  • Gaps in treatment dates
  • Prescriptions that are written, but not filled
  • Unrelated/inappropriate medications
  • Off-label drug usage

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