Medical Cost Projections

The Medical Cost Projection is a valuable tool for setting a claim’s reserves, determining settlement exposure and/or deciding the best time to settle. Prepared exclusively by registered nurses with active licenses as Certified Life Care Planners, each Medical Cost Projection provides a comprehensive analysis of the file based on jurisdictional requirements, state-specific treatment guidelines and detailed examination of medical and pharmacy treatment. Once completed, our legal and clinical experts then work collaboratively with your claims examiner to determine the most effective strategy to set reserves or optimize settlement outcomes.

Tower’s Medical Cost Projections:

  • Summarize medical and prescription drug records
  • Forecast reasonable and probable future medical exposure over the injured individual’s life expectancy
  • Apportion both Medicare and non-Medicare future medical expenses
  • Establish a medically accurate basis on which to set reserves for workers’ compensation, medical malpractice and liability claims
  • Recommend ways to manage the medical portion of the claim to ensure high quality care and to reduce costs
  • Are typically used for complex claims involving non-Medicare beneficiaries
  • Can be converted into an MSA within one year of completion of the projection

Leveraging a technology platform that provides end-to-end visibility of every claim, our legal and clinical expertise and our deep experience in workers’ compensation and pharmacy management, Tower prepares Medical Cost Projections that optimize settlements. For more information, call 888.331.4941, email, or refer the case by clicking below.