Section 111 reporting: compliance without complications

With business process management baked into our technology, the Tower MSP Automation Suite and its Section 111 Reporting platform ensures 100% MSP compliance.

Section 111 reporting fits any size

Tower’s Section 111 Reporting platform is designed to facilitate reporting for clients who report thousands of claims a year or just a few. It can integrate into any claims system or enable direct data entry when claims system access is not needed. Whether large or small, you can be assured of timely, complete and accurate reporting.

Seamless, simple transition to Tower reporting platform

Changing Section 111 reporting agents may seem daunting, but we make the transition from your previous reporting agent simple and straightforward. A client-assigned project manager works with a Tower implementation manager on an agreed-upon implementation timeline with deliverables. Migration can happen in as few as six weeks, so you don’t miss any of your quarterly reporting obligations.

Intuitive and simple-to-use Section 111 reporting dashboard

Our S111 Management Dashboard gives you full visibility into your claims from a global level all the way down to the details of a specific claim. You can manage the accuracy of data, such as ICD 10 codes or ORM termination, to avoid unnecessary conditional payments, MSA exposure or CMS Civil Monetary Penalties.

Integration across MSP compliance and MSAs

Tower believes Section 111 data should not live isolated in a silo but be used across the full spectrum of Medicare Secondary Payer compliance. That’s why we developed an all-inclusive MSP Automation Suite that drives MSP compliance from the moment a Medicare beneficiary is identified all the way through claim closure. Our technology completely and seamlessly integrates Section 111 reporting with conditional payments and MSA processes into a single, all-encompassing system. This takes work off the adjusters’ desks and speeds the path to settlement while resulting in cost savings for our client partners.

section 111 chart