Court Urges Change in Florida Workers¹ Compensation Law

October 24, 2012

Workers Compensation Florida

Court Urges Change in Florida Workers¹ Compensation Law.  An appellate court is urging the Florida Legislature to reconsider a state law that makes injured employees pay employers¹ legal costs if they lose good faith workers¹ compensation appeals.
A three-judge panel of the 1st District Court of Appeal in Tallahassee made that recommendation in upholding such an order. It requires Gina Frederick to pay the Monroe County School District $11,834.
There¹s no dispute Frederick was hurt on the job, but two doctors disagreed on whether she had a permanent total injury. A medical adviser appointed by a compensation claims judge, though, offered the opinion she¹s not totally and permanently injured.
Frederick then withdrew her claim but still was ordered to pay the district¹s costs. The court noted the law on the other hand limits fees for workers¹ lawyers.
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