Anthony Segrich Promoted as Chief Technology Officer of Tower MSA Partners

July 29, 2015

Anthony Segrich Newly positioned as the Chief Technology Officer of Tower MSA Partners, Anthony Segrich will pilot all components of technology at Tower MSA. Segrich’s experience in the architecture of successful business process management systems serves as a huge asset for Tower’s commitment to innovative systems and practices.

Anthony Segrich brings his history of consulting, designing and implementing valuable process management systems to the table for Tower MSA Partners. He has performed extensive consulting and development for Fortune 25 companies, such as Cingular Wireless/AT&T, National Semiconductor, and Pepsi International. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Boston College. Before joining Tower, he developed major process management systems for institutions like Fannie Mae, while serving as the general manager for

“Anthony’s previous experience designing business process management systems for Fortune 25 companies equipped him to use the latest BPM technologies in our Section 111 modules,” said Tower CEO Rita Wilson.

In 2012, Segrich partnered with Tower MSA to develop its custom MSP compliance tracking software. He also served as the lead architect for the Section 111 Reporting and data mapping for claims eligibility exchange.

“We can convert files into CMS-preferred formats and then back into client-preferred formats and overlay advanced business rules to make MSP compliance as simple and effective as possible,” Segrich said. “We can now achieve in weeks what takes legacy systems months.”

Segrich has played an intricate role in equipping Tower MSA Partners with the latest technology to deliver end-to-end visibility for their client’s MSAs while simultaneously creating straightforward integration with multiple claim system platforms.