Significant Drop in Meloxicam Price Yields MSA Reductions

March 11, 2020

white prescription pills spilling out of an orange pill container - illustrating Drop in Meloxicam Pricing post

The price of the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID) Meloxicam took a major nosedive from $2.78 per pill to $0.05 per pill for 7.5 mg and $4.25 to $0.05 for 15 mg.  Meloxicam (Brand name: Mobic) is commonly used to treat osteoarthritic pain and is frequently allocated in WC claims and MSAs.  This is the medication’s first price reduction in more than a decade.

Tower Actions

Tower will contact our clients to report any non-CMS-approved MSAs where we identify an allocation for Meloxicam and qualify for a revision.  You can also contact us immediately to determine whether a particular MSA qualifies for a reduction.  Revisions to the MSA can be done now or prior to MSA submission to CMS, if needed. 

Please contact Dan Anders at or (888) 331-4941 with questions.