Prepping for Penalties

August 3, 2020

section 111 reporting sample covered Tower’s recent webinar “Avoiding the Medicare Mandatory Reporting Penalty” with Chief Compliance Officer Dan Anders and VP of Information Technology Jesse Shade.  CMS has yet to respond to comments or finalize the regulation proposed in February, but its proposal contained alarmingly high penalties for relatively minor infractions, like recording the wrong diagnostic code. 

The webinar highlighted various penalties for inaccurate or late reporting and demonstrated the new dashboard Tower built to help its clients find and fix reporting errors faster and easier.  The dashboard identifies claims with errors and the remedy to correct them. It also enables users to produce instant reports, such as a one showing claims with reported medical closure settlements or Total Payment Obligation to Claimants (TPOCs) where Ongoing Responsibility for Medicals (ORM) has not been terminated, a common reporting error.

For more information, please see Dan Anders’ Feb. 18 and April 27 blog posts on the proposed regulations or email