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Dan Anders Weighs in on Legacy Comp Claim Closures

Posted on June 8, 2020 by Tower MSA

Business Insurance’s Louise Esola wrote an interesting article on an unexpected side effect of the coronavirus.  Injured workers who previously rejected settlement offers are rethinking their decisions. 

When researching the story, Esola contacted our Chief Compliance Officer, Dan Anders, who noted that insurers have long focused on closing claims, especially those with high prescription drug costs.  He said they have, “become a little more proactive in looking at older legacy claims to see if this may be an opportunity to take a first or second look at settling those claims.”

At the same time, injured workers find themselves in financial conditions where a settlement would be critical. 

Tower’s Legacy Claims Settlement Initiative analyzes a payer’s portfolio of claims to detect those that could settle with or without clinical intervention. When future pharmacy costs inhibit settlement, Tower teams with myMatrixx to review drug regimens and find opportunities to reduce costs while protecting injured worker safety. Our recent webinar describes the program in detail.

After triaging the claim, Tower recommends interventions to optimize the MSA, identifies settlement partners, executes interventions, and helps move the claims to closure.