MSA Second Opinion Success Story – $46,691 in savings

June 23, 2022

This success story demonstrates how an MSA Second Opinion can lead to a successful result with settlement of a WC case.


An MSA was prepared by another MSP provider for approximately $110,000. Based on this MSA amount, the parties reached a tentative settlement. Prior to MSA submission the other MSP provider revised the MSA to $145,500 which was outside the parties settlement range. The cost drivers in the MSA were injections, surgeries and physician visits.


Tower’s MSA 2nd opinion review found the injured worker had repeatedly declined injection therapy and one of the two surgeries had not been recommended in the past two years. Consequently, Tower recommended eliminating the surgery and injections from the MSA. Our Physician Follow Up service contacted the treating physician and obtained the physician’s written statement that injections were no longer part of the treatment plan.  The physician also agreed to reduce the number of physician visits to a single annual visit.

RESULTS:  $46,691 in Savings

In addition to eliminating a surgery that fell outside the two years of medical records required by CMS, injections were removed, and physician visit frequency was reduced yielding an MSA of $98,809. The MSA report was submitted and approved by CMS and the parties were able to move forward with settlement and claim closure.

Tower’s MSA 2nd Opinion, offered at no charge, identifies, from another MSP provider’s report, discrepancies and inappropriate treatment which unnecessarily increases the MSA along with recommending interventions which may result in a lower CMS-approved MSA amount.

Tower’s Physician Follow Up Service, also offered at no charge, reaches out to the treating physician to confirm ongoing Rx and reduce excessive or unneeded treatments.

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